7 tips for choosing the right expense management solution


Inadequate expense management solutions

At present, many companies still use management solutions that are not adapted to their organization. Indeed, many of them choose inexpensive or even free solutions that have been developed for very general purposes. But is this strategy really effective in optimizing the performance of your business ? Is it better to use a dedicated and customizable solution?

Your choice will depend on your needs and your budget. Using an Excel-type spreadsheet is very economical, but does not offer much leeway. On the other hand, a dedicated solution guarantees efficient, centralized and dematerialized support.

How to choose your management solution?

  1. Analyze your needs and set your goals. There are a wide variety of solutions. What kind of management and/or collaboration do you want for your business?
  2. Go for an easy-to-use solution ;. Your employees will need to be able to master it. It must therefore be intuitive and best match your working method.
  3. Prefer a management solution that can adapt to several work environments . Integrating a management solution is a long-term project: select one that will grow with your business.
  4. Consider a cloud-based solution. This system offers many advantages, including automatic updates, dematerialization and the collaborative aspect.
  5. Solicit input from people who will use the solution. Empowering employees starts here: involve them in the choice of the solution in order to increase their professional investment afterwards.
  6. Choose a tool with a good helpdesk . It is important to feel supported and advised throughout the process of integration and use.
  7. Compare products to each other . Make a list of your needs and compare them with the characteristics of each solution. Some offer a free trial: take advantage of it!

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If your choice is made, move on to the software implementation stage.

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