A review of services ADSS provides

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In order to choose a brokerage firm that fits your trading needs, you must consider the services that it provides. This includes its trading platform, educational resources, and more. In this ADSS review, we will delve into the services and offerings this brokerage firm provides, and what traders can expect when working with this broker.

review of services ADSS

The ADSS trading platform

ADSS provides an intuitive and straightforward platform for traders to use in their trading journey. The platform allows access to both global and local markets – especially within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), highly competitive spreads, and no commission for some of its products. This makes it simple for traders to expand and diversify their portfolios with ADSS’ extensive product range, which includes stocks, global indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, currencies, and more. Traders can also customise their trading interface, allowing them to take control of how and where to trade without compromise.


The brokerage firm provides comprehensive, customisable, yet simple charting to enable easy research into any available instrument. Traders can use charting to see further details such as the open, high, low, and close levels of their instrument. They can change the chart type options, the chart indicator options (including Moving Average, Relative Strength Index, and Volume Indicators), chart drawing options (trend line, parallel channel and more), as well as chart interval options (1 min, 5 min, 10 min). Further customisations also include line width, colour, and pattern, all at the click of a button.


The intuitive trading platform has smart features like asset class filters and watchlists. This enables traders to have quick access to all their favourite markets while making it easier to discover new ones. Traders can stay in control with an advanced deal ticket drop-down, to precisely make an order entry.


ADSS’ platform has a dynamic and intuitive interface. This makes it easy for traders to move around and navigate the platform and find exactly what they need. Traders can customise their view to best suit their needs, and effortlessly move from analysis to trading whatever you need in only a few clicks away. They only need to focus on making trades, instead of wasting time learning how the interface works.


Traders have the option of deciding how they want to trade with a seamless experience across both mobile and desktop devices.The powerful platform enables traders to switch between different devices without compromising on either speed or functionality. This means traders can access the financial markets anytime, anywhere, so long as they have a good internet connection.


MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is an award-winning and innovative trading platform. ADSS provides two versions of the software – a desktop and a mobile version. The desktop version provides traders with advanced, customisable charting, expert advisor plugins, researchand educational tools, as well as a web terminal option to bypass manual installation needs. The mobile version allows traders to trade in 29 different languages and offers competitive spreads and fees, as well as the latest headlines via live newsfeeds so traders can keep up to date on the latest financial opportunities.

Educational services

Aside from providing an easy-to-use trading platform for traders, ADSS also has plenty of educational resources on its official website. This is because the brokerage firm prioritises empowering and educating people to become better traders. As such, ADSS offers robust assistanceand guidance so that traders can reach their trading potential. These educational resources can not only be used by novice traders, but experienced professionals can use them to hone their trading skills as well.

News and analysis

ADSS provides the latest news updates and analysis for traders. Instead of simply being a rundown of events, ADSS relates it back to how it affects the financial markets. The brokerage firm also gets into the details when showcasing any market analysis, most of which is backed up by data. Traders can take advantage of these updates to find new opportunities that may crop up in the financial markets. These updates and analyses are also available in Arabic, which is great for traders based in the MENA regions.

How-to guides

The brokerage firm has how-to guides posted on its official website. These guides serve as an introduction to trading., and they cover all basics – from how to trade stocks and forex, to the difference between technical and fundamental analysis. These guides are fantastic for traders who are new to trading and may not understand how it works or how to even start. The guides are incredibly comprehensive and in-depth, with ADSS providing screenshots to make the guides more digestible to readers.

For traders looking for a more engaging way to learn about trading, they can also look at ADSS’ video guides. The videos function as a 10-part video course on trading topics and are geared towards new investors, although seasoned traders can still take advantage of them too. The videos tend to be more interactive when compared to a simple blog article, which means there is a higher chance that the information it covers will be a lot more memorable.

Platform guides

ADSS also has a platform guide on its official website. These guides are a great way for traders to learn how to use and navigate ADSS’ intuitive platform, and how to execute certain behaviours (such as executing a trade or closing a position). The platform guides are split up into 11 sections, with each section being incredibly detailed and comprehensive. Some of the sections include navigation, placing a working order, settings, and more. ADSS also provide screenshots so traders can better understand what they are talking about. The platform user guides are also available bilingually, in Arabic.


The investment firm has a glossary of trading terms written up on its website. This can be found by clicking the learn tab. As its name suggests, the glossary of trading terms provides a list of definitions ofsome of the most common and popular trading terms, such as bank rate, forex, fundamental analysis, and more. These terms are listed in alphabetical order, to make navigation easier for traders. Prospective traders can look at ADSS’ glossary to gain a better understanding of terms that regularly come up in trading, so they will not be going in blind. The glossary is also available in Arabic.

Bottom line

Overall, ADSS has a variety of services and offerings that traders can take advantage of to enhance their trading experience. As such, they have positioned themselves to be a reputable and suitable brokerage firm for all types of traders out there. With its comprehensive range of services, ADSS aims to provide clients with a solid foundation for their trading activities.

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